Asbestos Job Sites

Countless people through the generations have been employed on job sites where asbestos was in use. Some of those job sites made no secret about the fact that they were using asbestos in the manufacturing process, while others did not. It’s important for everyone to be able to determine whether they worked in the presence of asbestos so they can take the appropriate steps regarding their personal health. Asbestos has many damaging side effects that can lead to lasting illness and even death.

By using the WARD database, you can easily search for your past employers, or employers of your family members. If you determine that you or a loved one worked on a job site where asbestos was in use, it might be possible to take legal action to hold the employer responsible for any health-related consequence. Many companies continued to put employees in danger long after the dangers of asbestos were known, and millions of lives have been adversely affected as a result of that negligence.

Take a moment to explore this tool, which includes tens of thousands of job sites known to use asbestos and reach out to a qualified asbestos lawyer if you want to learn more about your rights.

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